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I have a long teaching experience, thanks to Espero Srl , Absonant Training , Meltechnologies,  PCS Net, and other Schools, Institutions and companies. Also as a standalone Instructor. I provide certified training and didactic coordination. Are you the training manager of a company? Do you want to organize a course for your employees or a small group of people, or for yourself?

Subscribe to these courses below. My courses are design to suit the needs both of professional and amateur users.
Blackmagic Design, Apple and Adobe Certified Training. If you have a special request, we could arrange ad-hoc course.

Actually any of my courses could be arranged also with Google Meet or Zoom platform.
I offer different formulas to meet job hours: from On-site Courses (1 to 5 days) or one-shot specific Webinar (5 to 10 hours).
Please book and pay in advance to be sure to reserve your seat. Each training starts with a minimum of 2 participants.

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