May 20, 2023 Giorgio Lovecchio

5 Creative and Original Uses for Your Apple AirTag

Just recently, I got my hands on my first Apple AirTag.

The AirTag is a nifty little gadget about the size of a coin, which you can attach to anything you don’t want to misplace – be it your keys, wallet, backpack, or even your pet. Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, keeping track of your belongings has never been easier.

Here’s how it works: if you can’t find your keys, just open the Find My app on your iPhone, select your keys, and voila! Your iPhone will show the AirTag’s location on a map. If your lost item is close by, your iPhone can guide you straight to it using Precision Finding.

What if you lose an AirTagged item in public? Simply put the AirTag in “Lost Mode”. Then, if any iPhone user happens to pass by your lost item, you’ll get a notification with its updated location. This happens because all iPhones, iPads, and Macs can detect Bluetooth signals from lost AirTags and anonymously send their location to Apple’s Find My network.

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5 creative and original ways you can use your AirTag:

Gardening Tools Tracker:
If you love gardening, an AirTag can be your ally in keeping track of all your tools. No more misplaced spades or lost lawnmowers!

Pet Locator:
Attach an AirTag to your adventurous pet’s collar, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can track them down if they wander off.

Suitcase Locator:
Frequent travellers, say goodbye to the stress of misplaced luggage. Slip an AirTag into your suitcase and monitor its location on your travels.

Car Finder:
Forgot where you parked in a bustling parking lot? An AirTag in your vehicle can help you locate your car with ease.

Valuables Monitor:
Keep track of your valuable items like jewelry or artwork by discreetly hiding an AirTag within or behind them.

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