February 25, 2023 Giorgio Lovecchio


A very interesting survey and post by Blue Collar Post Collective, you can find the entire post HERE.

A simple rates survey was conducted in October 2022. Fourteen questions were asked to gather basic data with the aim of helping people have a better idea of what individuals are getting paid to do various jobs in post production, across the U.S.A.

The full results can be viewed on Google Drive, and from there, one can download a variety of formats. The Excel format is recommended as it allows for the filtering and sorting of the data according to specific needs.

The survey received 2050 responses, and as always, there is a desire to crowdsource the dissemination of results. Whatever is found in the data should be shared and tweeted, tagging @BCPCollective #BCPCollective #BCPCRatesSurvey so that everyone can be empowered and informed.

If the dataset is used to inform research or in an article, it is requested that the Blue Collar Post Collective be acknowledged.

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Giorgio Lovecchio

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