March 28, 2023 Giorgio Lovecchio

15 Email Marketing Mistakes

15 Common Email Marketing Mistakes Musicians Make

Email Marketing Mistakes

I’ve summarized a useful and truthful article about Email Marketing Mistakes (which you can find HERE), and it’s quite interesting not only for musicians, also for producers that need how to improve their email marketing approach.

Email marketing is a direct, personal, and affordable way to connect with your fans, and it remains the most effective online communication channel for musicians. However, many musicians make common mistakes with their email marketing that can hinder their success.

Here are 15 common mistakes and how to fix them:

  1. Not having an email list
  2. Not using your list often enough
  3. Not automating email streams
  4. Not incentivizing email signups
  5. Sending cluttered email newsletters
  6. No unique voice
  7. Not removing inactive subscribers
  8. Not segmenting your email list
  9. Not having enough info
  10. Not using custom fields like ‘first name’
  11. Not creating excitement and mystery with the subject line
  12. Not encouraging replies
  13. Not looking at email stats to improve for next time
  14. Not updating your template or tactics
  15. Getting discouraged by your own unrealistic expectations

By avoiding these common email marketing mistakes, musicians can turn fan activity into revenue and deepen their connection with their audience.

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